I wasn’t trying to be late – dispatcher tells me wrong address

I am a professional and I like to behave like one. I am never going to be the woman who is swearing on the job, acting disrespectful towards the client, or messing with low quality workmanship. I do the best that I can and every single instance when my professional skills are called into action. I’ve realized over the years that besides providing comprehension and reliable repair it’s also crucial to have good people skills and a considerate personality. This is why I toil extra strenuous to be on time for every single appointment I am sent on. I am a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist for a well-known air quality control dealership. I have been working for the same heating and cooling provider for over 15 years now. In that time, I have done everything I possibly could to give fast, reliable, and courteous repair for our residential heating and cooling buyers, part of this includes arriving at their property at the anticipated hour. This is why I was truly aggravated last month when our brand new Heating and Air Conditioning dispatcher sent me on a wild-goose chase. When I was pulling up to the heating and cooling repair address I thought that things looked a bit too familiar. It felt like I had worked on this Heating and Air Conditioning system before. I knocked on their front door and received a confused look from the resident at the supposed heating and cooling repair job. It took me a few seconds before I realized that I worked on this air conditioning device last week. The Heating and Air Conditioning dispatcher sent me to the wrong address. I was over an hour late arriving at the respected heating and cooling repair.

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