Can’t call that HVAC shop – they think my house belongs to the devil

Sometimes I feel really trapped living in this town.

When I was looking for a new place to live I never could have imagined that I would wind up in such an oppressive and backwards community.

I come from an extremely progressive area of the country where people are accepting and open minded. No matter what you’re into, folks will respect it and try to learn more about your interests. Around here, it is the exact opposite. Everyone is a bible thumper and they are extremely judgemental because of their highly organized religious activities. Recently, I realized that I couldn’t even call the local heating, cooling, and ventilation repair shop without encountering the same religious undertone. I simply needed an air conditioning repair appointment because my AC unit was pumping out hot air one day. I knew that the indoor air handling device was getting rather old and I wasn’t surprised that the air conditioning system would need a professional inspection. It was very likely that my AC unit had a broken part which needed to be professionally replaced. Unfortunately, when I called out the heating and cooling technician for help with my cooling system he refused to come anywhere near my house. The HVAC dealership called me and said that they couldn’t fulfill the appointment because they didn’t have a heating or cooling technician willing to come onto my property. Why? Because I had my Halloween decorations up already… They wouldn’t inspect my AC unit because my house bore the mark of the devil. I really need to move.

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