HVAC isn’t what it used to be, high tech equipment

When I was graduating from high school there weren’t so many options available to me. Back in the day, not everybody went to a four-year university. In fact, it was very common to get a job directly out of high school and stick with that career for the next 50 years. It was unlikely for people to enter further educational systems or to pay for expensive college degrees. When I went to the local trade school to become a certified heating and cooling technician everybody thought that I was shooting for the stars. Obtaining an actual professional certification was not necessary when I was a youngster. I was happy to continue my education in air quality control equipment back in the day because it allowed me to get a job as a licensed HVAC technician with the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership. From that point on, I thought that it would be smooth sailing with my HVAC education under my belt. Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee all of the technological changes that would happen in the past 20 years. These days, I don’t have the same level of education as other heating and cooling technicians. Our indoor air handling devices are more akin to computers than the rudimentary temperature control systems that I used to work on. Now, there are smart thermostats, wi-fi-enabled air conditioning devices, and fully integrated air purification systems on top of the traditional AC and furnaces that I knew well. I feel like I need to go back to school in computer science so I can manage these indoor air handling devices.



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