And then they destroyed the HVAC duct; don’t let your youngsters in the attic

These afternoons I think a lot of people are getting fed up with providing 24/7 childcare.

It’s been numerous months of having the youngsters at cabin as well as parents are getting pretty exhausted.

I can tell you, I am easily one of those parents. When this social distancing thing started, I thought it was going to be great for our family. My great friend and I don’t normally get to spend much time together as well as I was happy about the idea of staying at cabin with my youngsters all afternoon long. Well, that enthusiasm wears off after a few months. Truly, they have been driving me up the wall with their endless complaining as well as inability to entertain themselves. I got so desperate the other afternoon to get some out of my cabin office that I told them to go play in the attic. I didn’t think the sweltering, sizzling attic space would be genuinely fun for them… But somehow they stayed up there for the remainder of the afternoon. Later, I found out why. As I was laboring I observed that the indoor air temperature started feeling strange. It absolutely didn’t feel like our familiar temperature control programming keeping the indoor air at our ideal temperature level. I started growing distraught that there was something wrong with the temperature control for the air conditioner unit so I started concernshooting on my own. The temperature control was fine, the air conditioner unit was kicking into gear in response to my air temperature adjustments, but there was still no cold air getting into the house. I finally went into the attic as well as found out the reason. The youngsters had taken it upon themselves to build a massive fort in the attics using the exposed air HVAC duct. In doing so, they pulled out one of the panels of the air HVAC duct as well as completely crippled our central cooling system.


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