My first day as an HVAC technician

Everybody looks forward to graduating from school with their respective degree.

  • You pay a lot of money and attend a lot of classes for that piece of paper.

When the day finally comes and you can say that you successfully did it, I think most of us are overjoyed. I know that I was absolutely beside myself on the day that I passed my final heating, cooling, and ventilation exam. You see, I decided to become a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation technician . It’s not that I’m obsessed with indoor air quality control so much as I want to make a steady paycheck. I know that working in the HVAC industry means there will always be air conditioning units and furnaces to repair. I decided that it would be wise to attend trade school and complete my heating and cooling certification within a year and a half. When I got out, several heating and cooling repair shops were ready to hire me as an HVAC technician. The thing is, I never could have foreseen what a disaster my first day would be as a HVAC technician. I went out on my first job yesterday and it was an air conditioning repair that I couldn’t handle. The AC unit was completely broken and the owners of the central HVAC system wouldn’t stop harassing me. I eventually had to call my boss at the heating and cooling repair shop and ask for backup. When the second air quality control specialist arrived, they were less than impressed with my maiden voyage as an HVAC technician. Now I have to work twice as hard tomorrow.



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