Groupon HVAC cleaning isn’t great

You have to be careful when you’re trying to get a good deal.

  • Sometimes you end up with a bad situation.

I know that this has been the case with my most recent attempt at improving my household responsibilities. Here, I thought that I was doing everyone a favor by finally having our HVAC system professionally treated. Instead, I think that I did everyone a massive disservice. I was really excited when I noticed that there was an online deal through Groupon for professional heating and cooling services. One of the local HVAC repair shops in town was offering a massive discount on all sorts of central heating, cooling, and ventilation services. I knew that our old air conditioning unit and forced air furnace needed some professional attention. However, I was most concerned about our duct work. I knew that the air ducts hadn’t been professionally clean and at least 10 years. When I saw the price on the professional HVAC repair & diagnostic services, I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. It seems like many customers signed up for this heating and cooling repair Groupon. The HVAC technician at our house was extremely overworked and stressed. At the same time, I knew that he wasn’t making a fair wage on the heating and cooling maintenance job. I should have realized right then, he wasn’t going to do a great job on our air duct cleaning. After he left, there was dust and dander flying through every air vent. At least after I complained to the HVAC company I got my money back for our half-cleaned HVAC duct cleaning. I used it to buy another Groupon.

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