The best gift at our wedding

It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to start a life and people just don’t want to listen to you. This has been the case in my life as my fiance and I have prepared for our marriage. We wanted to have a really lovely wedding day, but we didn’t want to make it into a massive event that cost anybody a lot of money. We don’t have a ton of cash and the people that we associate with aren’t particularly wealthy, themselves. We decided to keep our ceremony small and to ask our wedding guests for practical gifts so we could get a jump start on our adult living. A lot of people didn’t listen, but some people got it exactly right. Our favorite gift actually is a central heating and cooling system that our extended family chipped in on together. They got us a new furnace and air conditioning system to install in our fixer-upper house. We’re extremely excited to have modern and eco-friendly air quality controls for our first home together. They took their kind gift a step further though. They also arranged so we would have a two-year service and maintenance contract with the heating and cooling repair shop located closest to our home. We don’t have to worry about a single air filter change, air duct cleaning, or God forbid, emergency repair service in the middle of the night. Everything is covered in the cost of the two year HVAC service contract. Now, we can focus on more important things than our energy bills and anticipated air temperature fluctuations. It’s time to start making babies to appreciate this amazing HVAC system.
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