Put the kids in the garage, we got them an HVAC system

It can be exhausting being a parent, if you haven’t heard.

  • Kids always want something and they want it from you.

They aren’t self-sufficient and they haven’t learned how to entertain themselves yet. That means, you spend an awful lot of time running around trying to keep them comfortable, happy, and safe all at once. Unfortunately, that was really cutting into my ability to work from home and my wife’s ability to stay sane. We decided that we needed to give the kids their own separate space so that they could leave us alone. We figured that converting the garage into an outdoor hanging space was a great idea, but we needed some kind of heating and cooling system to keep them comfortable. Without advanced air temperature control, there was no chance that they could hang in the garage without overheating in the Summers and freezing to death in the winters. We didn’t think it was possible to extend our ductwork from the central HVAC system all the way into the garage, so we started looking at smaller heating and cooling machinery. It didn’t take long before we found that mini split ductless heating and cooling systems were often used in this same application. You could install the long, thin heating and cooling machinery to any walls and it would effectively provide advanced air temperature control for that space. We had the heating and cooling unit installed in the garage last week, and our lives have been so much better already. Every time the kids start to drive us insane, we just shove them in the garage with their videogames and turn on the air conditioner. Parenting.


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