My fiance and I went through a lot of years where my buddy and I were so frustrated by the indoor air quality in our home… That’s the nice way of saying that my buddy and I actually struggled with a smelly house; however, my great friend and I easily didn’t actually understand how essential indoor air quality was until my buddy and I found out about the whole lake home media air cleaner, but I’m getting ahead of myself. My fiance and I have been in our home now for about several years; it's also a nice home with more than two bedrooms and relaxing residential heating and A/C equipment. My great friend and I easily had the residential heating and A/C and all the heating and A/C technology installed when my buddy and I bought the site. It has somehow produced some of the best quality heating and air we’ve ever experienced. But there were also some frustrations when it came to the indoor air, namely, my buddy and I had actually odiferous indoor air as well. That had a lot to do with the fact that my buddy and I have more than two cats. Additionally, I care about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen which also compounds the complication when it comes to the particularly smelly air. Add to that complication the fact that my buddy and I live in a region where my buddy and I have to seal up the home actually narrow in order to get the highest efficiency from the heating and A/C equipment! So all of this led to a myriad of efforts when it came to making the house smell good again. That's when my buddy and I turned to the heating and A/C company and they taught us all about indoor air quality. It did not take very long for us to realize that investing in a whole lake home air purification method was just exactly the right thing to do. My great friend and I couldn't be more blissful these nights and our indoor air odors prefer heaven.

Using an air purifier leads to cleaner indoor air


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