I found the perfect house; please have updated Heating & A/C

About 7 months ago I had to move out of my condo & into an uncorrect residing situation! I wasn’t ready for this change of circumstance & I did not have the funds prepared to find a new apartment immediately… Since then, I have been residing with friends in the spare family room located in their house.

I have been eyeing the housing market to find a venue of my own, however there are always so various problems.

If I find a condo that looks cute online, it usually is in a dangerous neighborhood in real life. If I find a condo within my price range, often times it’s in complete disrepair & needs to be fully refinished. That’s why, I was shocked when I accidentally found the condo of my dreams the other afternoon. I went out to see it & I was completely charmed by the small bungalow. Since then, I have been debating my options. I am trying to get an idea of what my finances look like, however it’s hard without knowing about the status of the heating & cooling system inside the house. So far, my associate and I have not been able to find out the age of the heater or central cooling system. The selling realtor does not seem entirely responsive when my associate and I inquire about the Heating & A/C condition. I was hoping he could at least tell us when the forced air heater & Central cooling system were bought, if not provide us with a routine repair schedule of performed appointments. I am anxiously awaiting the influx of this Heating & A/C information, & in the meantime I am investigating apartment loans for partial ventilation remodels. I hope this home, the heater, & the AC device work out; there’s no way I’ll take a apartment with major heating & cooling renovations!

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