Always prepared; bringing space heaters

My friends have a lot of funny jokes about me.

I understand that they are just poking fun as well as it’s all in great spirits, so I do not mind when they pick on my particular quirks.

I know that I am a bit of an unusual dove, so it makes sense that there is plenty to joke about, then one of the things that they find most entertaining as my penchant for consistently over preparing. If we’re headed on a trip, I’m going to be the person who brings two bags too many. I shall have plenty of popcorn, first aid supplies, as well as backup entertainment sources. I’m consistently ready for the worst case scenario. They might poke fun, however in the end I end up saving us with my preparedness… Recently, they were joking because my associate and I were headed out of town for a week as well as I brought some unofficial supplies. In the back of my car, they found a couple of space boilers that I wanted to bring along! For some reason, this was entirely hilarious to all of my buddies. They couldn’t imagine a single situation in which my associate and I would need a backup heating source. Personally, I could assume of 10 or 20. It did not seem like a sizable stretch that my associate and I would run into some heating complications as well as ultimately need an alternative form of warmth. Sure enough, when my associate and I arrived at the lodge as well as my associate and I found that the pilot light was out on the forced air boiler. While my associate and I waited for the proprietor to supply us guidelines on resetting of the furnace, I smugly went out to the car as well as gathered my space heaters.


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