Husband has to pay energy bill if he wants to touch Heating and A/C

There are times in life when it’s not worth fighting over things anymore.

At some point, you have to choose your battles and decide what is worth the extra stress of additional conflict.

For me, I have a pretty low threshold for bullshit. If you’re going to continually fight me on something, I’m going to walk away and let you make your own bed. This generally works out okay for me, especially when it comes to my fiance. He is quite predictable and simple to negotiate with when I sit down The rules. Recently, one of the rules that I put in location was regarding our Energy bill. I told him he would be responsible for paying the electric bill for the foreseeable future; Now, I told him this for a reason. It’s not because he rakes in the big bucks or I’m trying to take advantage of him for our energy usage. It’s because he insists on messing with the temperature control morning in and morning out. I swear to God, by the time I wake up every morning he is already adjusted the temperature control several times. My wonderful friend and I have a eco-friendly heating and cooling program set on the smart temperature control for energy efficiency, so every time he engages the air conditioner component or furnace outside of the defined settings he’s costing us currency. I grew tired of squawbling about the stupid temperature control, so I decided to chop right to the chase. I told him he can continue abusing the air conditioner component and furnace if he wants, but he shall be paying the energy bill for the rest of our lives.



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