At least there’s a fire pit – sleeping in hammocks

Thank God, there was a fire pit in the backyard under a covered gazebo

The best things in life are free, have you ever heard that? Personally, I really guess that this is a great piece of advice. If you can find a way to be grateful for whatever you’re giving and look on the bright side when it comes to your savings account, you shall really be a happier and more successful lady in life, then at least, that is why I do my best to constantly find the silver lining and every scenario. For instance, this past weekend wasn’t my ideal getaway, however at least my buddy and I did not pay any money for it and I got to spend a lot of intimate time with my friends. We had been trying to make time to go out of town together for quite a while, however the cost of traveling and renting a place was an obstacle for all the people, then my friend proposed that my buddy and I stay at her uncle’s cottage for free and my buddy and I obliged, then she did not tell us that there was no modern heating or cooling equipment in the cottage before my buddy and I arrived. Unluckyly, this was a major complication because the outdoor weather conditions took a steep decline on our way towards the cottage, by the time my buddy and I arrived, the uneven tepid and cold hot and cold temperatures outside had leveled out to simply be cold. Then, it started it down pouring. The air inside the cottage was stagnant and freezing cold. There was no gas for the fake fireplace, so my buddy and I went on a search for some wood. Thank God, there was a fire pit in the backyard under a covered gazebo. That evening, my buddy and I slept in the closed gazebo in hammocks with the fire pit as our only source of warmth. It wasn’t what my buddy and I anticipated, however it actually was a fun and affordable trip.

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