Whoever forgets the air filter pays the repair bill

Sometimes it makes me really sad that little girls grow up with completely unrealistic perceptions of love and partnership.

We are taught that a prince charming will come along one day and everything will suddenly be fine in our lives.

We simply need to meet that perfect man and everything will magically fall into place. Nobody ever talks about what happens after you fall in love. It’s not so simple and it’s definitely not a happily-ever-after scenario . In fact, it skips over the part where you meet each other’s parents and don’t get along, go through dry spells romantically, and argue about household chores and utility bills. In my relationship, we’re currently in this exact situation. My husband and I have been complaining about the incredibly high energy bills for several months now. We are quite certain that the heating and cooling system needs an upgrade, but no one wants to fork over the money for a brand new forced air furnace or central air conditioner. Unfortunately, our air temperature control equipment continually breaks down and we have to be very careful with it. I hate to say that it causes a number of arguments for us, so we sought professional help. Our HVAC technician recommended that we start changing the air filter literally every two weeks to extend the life of our failing Heating and Cooling plan. Now, we have to have a little household a bet to manage this annoying chore without trying to kill each other. Whoever forgets to change the air filter when it’s their turn is doomed to pay the repair bill when our HVAC system breaks down.


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