Fresh air – so several air filters

For the past year my mom has been on a giant pollution kick.

She loves to get wound up about random political and Global issues, and then stress herself out about how she can’t make any swings. She literally starts at the top, becoming heavily obsessed with the most giant issues in human psyche, and then wonders why she does not see immediate change in her world; Lately, her obsession has been global climate change and air quality In major cities. I have no idea why, because she does not even live in a major city. She lives out in the country where there is tons of fresh, flowing air from all instruction. She undoubtedly does not need to worry about a ton of Airborne pollution at her apartment or the effects of smog on her lungs. But it’s all that she talks about. She’s so wound up about air quality that she even started messing around with her own Heating as well as Air Conditioning system trying to DIY innovative ways to improve her indoor air. These mornings, my mom is typically seeing videos on YouTube about improving your heating and cooling power while also improving your indoor air quality. She’s worked up all sorts of makeshift cleaning tools and supposed air quality detectors. I’ve been so sleepy of hearing about her obsession with air quality and improving her central heating and cooling system and I decided to be a bit of a smart ass for her birthday last year. When the large day rolled around, she found dozens of identical boxes wrapped and hidden throughout her house. As she started opening them, she quickly realized that every single one contained a 12-pack of current air filters for her Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.

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