Cold symptoms and dirty heating unit

In the past multiple years I don’t guess that I’ve fallen sick one single time.

This is pretty astounding to me, because I used to fall ill all the time. In my seasoned region of the country, it felt like I consistently had some kind of head cold, stomach bug, or lingering fever. I was consistently popping pills, taking allergy meds, and putting myself to sleep with frosty medicine. I cannot say that it was the healthiest lifestyle, since I moved to a peculiar region of the country, I’ve noticed a steep increase in my personal health. I literally cannot remember the last time that I had a nasty cough or stuffy nose. That’s why I was completely shocked the day that I woke up to find a substantial head frosty had taken over. I could not breathe, I could not speak, and I could barely even guess because there is so much pressure in my head. I started taking medicines and trying to dentist myself back to health, despite the fact that I was so frosty that it was hard to even go out to the drugstore. I sat in the house, shivering, and running of the central heater intensively as I could. I guess I had the thermostat turned up to 85 degrees for multiple nights, then no matter how much Hot air was pumped into the house, I never felt much warmer. After a few weeks of this nonsense, I called out an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional to tune up my poor, hard-working furnace. When she was examining the furnace, the tech turned around with a shocked expression and asked me if I had been feeling alright. Apparently the HVAC ducts were full of black mold.



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