Saving energy with less heater use

For the past four months I’ve been scrimping and saving as much as possible. I’ve been trying to rebuild a life and start from scratch. It has been a hard learning experience, to say the least, but before this point in my life, money was not a large issue. I was making enough each month to pay my bills and have plenty to spare, and at the start of this summer, however, everything changed. My relationship ended and so did my living situation. My ex took a wonderful deal of my money and belongings, so I’ve been starting all over again on my own. It has been an uphill battle as far as establishing a regular adult life. I got my own apartment, which was a step in the right direction… But the landlord is terrible. These nights, I am living with a sub-par air conditioning system that I cannot seemed to improve on my own. When it first started pumping out moderate air, I went online and try to service the system on my phone. After that did not work, I turned to traditional means of complaining… Unluckyly, when I try to contact to the landlord about my broken air conditioning system, she never answers her phone. I tried to email him about the busted cooling system, however I’ve never gained a response. I even went down to the main rental office to complain about my indoor air conditioning system, however there was a note saying that they were closed for the day. I’ve been living in hazardous, boiling and humid conditions for over a month now. I have no idea how to improve my living situation separate from the help with my landlord, so I have called out my own Heating, Ventilation & A/C Tech. You can be sure, when I am sitting in Ice Cold Air Conditioning again, I willbe sure to send the bill to my landlord.


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