I couldn't have done it without my HVAC technician

We went with a geothermal heat pump as our HVAC equipment

I don’t even feel which I am happier about when it comes to being done with the modern home or the modern home itself, but this was more project than I genuinely thought it would be however I’m so satisfied with the house, and the fact that it’s holiday time plus we’re enjoying the wonderful radiant floor heating is a bonus. The fact that we’re entirely done with that home build is almost as great as the modern home itself; for some reason, my fiance plus I genuinely both wanted to take a swing at building a custom home at least once in our lives… But most of our money, energy plus time went into raising our family inside the central a/c of our family home. That family home was a great arena to raise a family however was also way too immense for 2 people… But that family home also provided an immense windfall when it came to selling it, and we updated the HVAC component plus got way more than my associate and I ever thought my associate and I could from the sale of our house. And that was genuinely what sealed it as far as building a home. We moved into a rental property plus signed a year’s lease prior to starting the build, however our modern home was supposed to be done within many to 7 weeks however it entirely came right down to the wire. Thankfully, my associate and I had a great HVAC corporation who genuinely came through for us at the end. We went with a geothermal heat pump as our HVAC equipment. And this takes absolutely precise installation in order to get the maximum benefit from the geo heat pump. Thanks to that great commercial HVAC professional, we’re loving some of the best heating comfort we have ever had in our existence.


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