HVAC on long train ride

When I tell people that I routinely Drive between Illinois and Georgia, they are often shocked.

I get the strangest reactions, and I can’t help but laugh at how dramatic people are.

They always explain something about taking a plane instead. My response to this is to complain about how uncomfortable and anxiety inducing I find airports. Sometimes they you tried to convince me that I would actually be saving time and money by a jumping on a plane or train, but I just shake my head and go back to planning my long road trip in the car. I am such a fan of driving that it would take a lot for me to consider traveling by plane or train. In fact, the last time that I took a train it was one of the coldest experiences of my life. It was the middle of summer, so I dressed in a light sundress to combat the heat. I got on the train and realized what a massive mistake this was. The air conditioning on the train was blowing at full power. It seems like they were air vents installed in every location. I had no way to get away from the cold, gusts of frigid try are created by the onboard air conditioning system. I sat down in my seat and looked around for some sort of air conditioning vent that I might be able to turn down. However, I couldn’t find any customizable air vent in the place. for the next 12 hours, I sat perfectly still and shivered in my seat. I didn’t sleep a wink and had massively tense shoulders by the time I got off the train. When it comes to traveling comfortably, I’m just going to rely on my car’s HVAC system.