What my wonderful friend and I did to improve the air quality in our office

For the longest time, my wonderful friend and I struggled with making the air in our office comfortable for everyone… Thermostat battles were a proper thing for us since my wonderful friend and I kept adjusting the temperature, plus unfortunately, no adjustment was perfect for everyone, it was either too hot, too cold, too humid or the opposite of all this.

Finding the right balance seemed to be a problem that none of us co-workers could fix.

It was so bad that our overall productivity was affected, and my wonderful friend and I were falling behind on projects plus could not meet deadlines as expected; One of our officemates recommended that my wonderful friend and I consult an HVAC professional for a permanent solution. My wonderful friend and I all concurred plus called the HVAC specialist in the next office to diagnose plus offer a solution that would work… After an hour of expansive diagnosis, our HVAC system was given a wash pass. Its efficiency was on point, plus no parts seemed to be chopping down. It turns out that the issue was more about air quality; No one changed filters as they should, plus not much cleaning was going on in the system. My wonderful friend and I hardly noticed it because the unit was a commercial one plus could overcome any airflow restrictions. My wonderful friend and I collectively decided to have the cleaning experts check the ducts plus airways. After a thorough cleaning over the weekend, the unit was perfect. My wonderful friend and I got up-to-date filters plus tied up duties where all of us would be changing the filter. After three weeks of doing this, my wonderful friend and I noticed a massive difference in the office, suddenly the air was crisp plus clean, plus temperature changes lessened. Nearly all people were comfortable now.

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