My Dogs Love to Soak Up the A/C

I know my dogs cherish the A/C plus heat more than I do, plus I fully cherish my A/C plus heat, and when it’s easily sizzling outside plus my dogs are out, they don’t dig holes in the ground or lounge in the shade, they go to the front door plus scratch until someone lets them go inside to soak up the A/C! I consistently thought dogs like being outside, however you see dog food commercials of dogs running across fields plus dogs are used to herd cows plus sheep plus drag sleds through the snow.

I thought it was a dog’s natural instinct to be outdoors.

Not my dogs, however they would rather stay inside plus soak up the A/C. I’ve even tried to play outside with my dogs. I’ve tried to teach them to fetch a ball or frisbee. When I took one for an actual walk, she acted like she was about to drop dead. It’s a fantastic thing I have a large yard because down the block is too far from the A/C for my dogs to willingly go.They will run after the toy plus pick it up, but then they take it to the front door plus scratch so that they can go inside, with their toy, plus soak up the A/C; And it’s not like my dogs like the cold. We get few frosty afternoons here in the deep south plus my dogs don’t like to go outside in it. The care about to stay close to the kitchen space heater; But, like I said, my associate and I live in the south, plus most of the year the dogs get to soak up the A/C.


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