Updating My Old House to Rent Rooms to Seniors

I inherited a important cabin plus I decided to repair it up plus rent out the rooms to single seniors who are lonely residing home alone.

I don’t supply medical care or anything like that, just a entryway plus kitchen plus residing areas to share.

This cabin I inherited did not have any type of air conditioning, plus had old steam radiators for heat. I was honestly going to have to find an alternative. I really wanted a central forced air Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine with a whole home purification system, but it didn’t look like that was going to be possible without extensive installation of air duct. So, I did a little research plus found that a ductless mini-split air conditioning plus heating system would work perfectly. I live in the south where winters are particularly mild, plus the heat supplied by the ductless units should be satisfactory. These ductless mini-splits are zone controlled, so each senior can choose the temperature of his or her room or even turn it off plus open a entryway window if they like. This option of heat plus air conditioning left me another issue. I was in need of an media air cleaner. I know that asthma plus emphysema are regular in old people plus I wanted my home to still be open to them. I wanted the air in the cabin to be so fresh plus pure that you can stink a vase of flowers from across the room. I ended up finding some nice portable media air cleaners that are elegant plus don’t take a whole lot of room. I put one in every room in the house. Now, I scrub the filters of the ductless air conditionings plus UV air purifiers properly plus have the ductless mini-splits checked once a year plus everything is going splendidly.


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