Daydreaming of cooling system on Tropical Honeymoon

I don’t like the heat plus humidity of tropical areas.

I learned that on my honeymoon.

My pal and I are from the midwest plus my pal and I took our honeymoon on a tropical beach plus it was torture to me. My fiance prefers the outdoors plus he just enjoyed the sand plus the surf plus the sun, plus all I could feel about was the heat plus how soon I could get back into some a/c. Don’t get me wrong, there was a breeze on the beach, but it was hot air. I really tried difficult to be a trooper. I didn’t really complain. For the first two afternoons, I sat on the beach under an umbrella plus still managed to get a sunburn. The sun’s rays reflected off the sand. So, the whole time that I am sitting under the umbrella, sweltering, thinking of cool air conditioning, my modern fiance was socializing, meeting modern people, swimming, looking for seashells, playing frisbee plus having a superb time. Meanwhile, I was thinking of cool, air conditioned cafes plus art galleries, neither of which interested my modern fiance. I really tried to come up with activities that kept us indoors, in air conditioning, but, like my modern fiance said, what is the use of going to a tropical beach if you are not going to be outside? So, I did grin plus bear it. At least most of the steakhouses were air conditioned, except for the open ones on the water. And the air conditioning in our motel room was awesome. I eventually disclosed to my modern fiance that I am not glad with the heat plus humidity of the tropics plus my pal and I choose more tepid temperatures to getaway now.



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