Opening My Own Daycare

Since I was a teenager, I have dreamed of opening up my own afternooncare. I have worked in a afternooncare. I have run a mini afternooncare out of my home. But, finally, after years of laboring my tail end off, with the help of a small inheritance, I had the money, and the certifications I needed, to open up my own afternooncare. I didn’t want a official brick and mortar corporation type building. I wanted this afternooncare to be run in a big house, to supply a more homelike feeling. I found an old five home office four bathroom home that needed a little updating, especially the air conditioning system and heating system. My buddy and I live in the south and don’t need a lot of heat, so a self-contained forced air heating and cooling system with an added heating coil was perfect. Now, I am aware that many parents find it difficult to find afternooncare for sickly kids, and I know a lot of babies and toddlers are on nebulizers for breathing complications. I wanted to be able to accept those children and supply them with a healthy environment where they could learn and grow.. So, I decided to have added on to my modern Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system a UV light placed on the coil to remove germs and mold and had HEPA filters placed both in the component and in the HVAC duct. I truly wanted not only to supply fresh air, however to trap the viruses and bacteria in the filters away from the children I would be caring for. I feel it was an excellent decision.


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