Choosing a Home Purification System

When we relocated south for my husband’s job, we were thrilled to find a four bedroom modular home in our price range.

It wasn’t very old and was in excellent shape. Each kid could have his or her own bedroom. However, it didn’t take long for most of us to start experiencing severe allergy symptoms. They got really bad, making it hard to breathe. On top of that, having three busy kids exposes you to a lot of illness, especially viruses. After a while, it seemed that at least one of us was always sick. I knew that it was time to look into some type of air purifier for our home. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of freestanding air purifiers for our home because they take up needed space. Our home isn’t that small, but we have a lot of stuff and I didn’t want to give up extra space in every room for air purifiers. I knew that there were ways to purify the air through our HVAC system, so I did a little research. I learned that UV lights kill mold and bacteria either on the coil or in the air ducts, but, I’m not sure that I would want lights on all the time, and what if they burn out? How will I know? I finally decided on a whole house purification system that used HEPA filters in my HVAC unit and ductwork. The quality of the air in our home has vastly improved. Our allergies aren’t as bothersome and we don’t spread illnesses so easily.


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