Our Grandparents offered a lot of HVAC units away

Our Grandparents offered a lot of HVAC units away just because they liked to.

When My Grandpa was young, he had a weird interest in heating and cooling units. He would often walk miles to the heating and cooling business just so he could watch the HVAC servicemans labor on broken cooling systems, furnaces, and air purification system. When my Grandpa would visit these HVAC servicemans, they would always let him help them fix the cooling systems and furnaces, so from a young age my Grandpa was fixing HVAC units. As he started to get older he began collecting central cooling systems, oil furnaces, and gas boilers and fixing them at his house. He had an section in his garage reserved just for his heating and cooling units. When my Grandparents got married, they both appreciated laboring on cooling systems and boilers in their spare time. They decided, since they had too many central cooling systems and boilers stored in their garage, they were going to offer them to families whose HVAC units had broken and they couldn’t afford to get a modern one. Almost every month my Grandparents would travel to someone’s household with one of their cooling systems or furnaces, and install it for free. After a couple of years of doing this, My Grandparent’s ran out of HVAC units in their garage. They decided they still wanted to help out people by using their expertise of HVAC. Now, whenever someone in their section needs their central cooling system, window cooling system, furnace, or air purification system fixed, my Grandparents will come and do their best to fix the component for free. They are now known as the HVAC angels.

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