Our bus lost its air conditioning system and heating

Our bus lost its air conditioning system and heating on a long road trip.

We were on our way to a hoops tournament after school when it happened.

We were laughing and talking when all of a sudden a weird smell started coming from the air conditioning system HVAC ducts! The bus driver had to turn off the air conditioning system because he was afraid of what that smell was that was coming from the air conditioning system. We quickly got really sizzling separate from air condoning and decided to open all of the windows in the bus. That night as my friend and I continued to travel, the bus’s boilers stopped laboring as well. We were all really cold since the sun had gone down and there was no heat. When my friend and I took a gas stop, our bus driver met a man there who was a former HVAC serviceman. He asked the HVAC serviceman if he could take a look at the air conditioning system and furnace in the bus and see if he could fix it. The HVAC serviceman came and looked at the bus’ HVAC units. He quickly fixed the problem with the cooling system, but the furnace was a little bit harder for the HVAC serviceman to figure out. After about an hour of laboring on the bus, the HVAC serviceman finally had the heating system laboring again in the bus. Although it was a long wait, my friend and I were so thankful to have air conditioning system and heat for the rest of our trip. All of us students on the bus collected some cash and offered it to the HVAC serviceman as a sign of our gratitude.
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