My unique pets care about my HVAC units

My unique pets care about my HVAC units more than I ever could! I have many odd pets, and some of them are genuinely unique , then first there is my bobcat that enjoys my window cooling system.

I know it is so cute when my bobcat cuddles up in front of the window cooling system and sleeps; He just enjoys everything about the window cooling system, including the sound it makes… Next there is my zebra, and yeah, I have a pet zebra.

My zebra enjoys my central air conditioning system component so much that I have to lock his in the stall when the HVAC serviceman comes to fix my cooling system or else he would push him away from the cooling system. I know that my zebra enjoys my central cooling system because he will wander far from the cooling system, when he gets frightened he will get really close to the central cooling system because for some reason it gives his a feeling of security. Next is my pet reindeer. My reindeer really enjoys my HVAC serviceman. Whenever my furnace, cooling system, or air purification system breaks down and I have to call my HVAC serviceman, my reindeer gets so excited… As soon as the HVAC serviceman pulls into the driveway, the reindeer runs to the edge of the fence and waits for the HVAC serviceman to come and pet him and supply him treats. As much as I care about my central cooling system, furnace, and air purification systems, I know that the care about that my critters have for HVAC units outweighs mine.
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