Thinking about trying new filters

For a long time my husband and I have been using the same old cheap air filters that we have always used.

  • The reason is because it was the cheapest, and we would save money.

But are we actually saving money? I couldn’t help but to wonder whether that was true. Sure, maybe in the short term we are saving money, but considering how often my husband and I have to call an A/C company to send out one of their professional A/C servicemen for HVAC repair, I’m not so sure if we are saving money in the long term. When my husband told me to pick up some new air filters on the way home from work, I stopped by the HVAC store. I had a few errands to do anyways, and the cooling company was right on the way. I went inside and grabbed the usual cheap air filters, but something made me stop and look at the other HVAC filters for once. They had a surprising amount of variety and types of air filters, and all kinds of different sizes as well. I noticed they had HEPA air filters, which were one of the best types of air filters there were. I compared the HEPA air filters to the cheaper generic filters I was originally planning on getting, and I found myself becoming more and more impressed with the new HEPA filters. However, then I noticed they had washable air filters as well, and I was having such a hard time deciding! Washable air filters would be a great way to save money, and prevent waste. In the end, I decided to buy one HEPA filter and one washable filter to give them both a try.



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