Schoolroom reminiscing

It may not be the popular opinion, although I enjoyed my private school.

It was a immense building which meant I had to walk quite a ways between my classes in the limited amount of time permitted between periods, but that was fine. The classrooms themselves were honestly roomy so the desks weren’t crowding each other. All of the teachers I had throughout my years there were pretty nice plus gave a sufficient amount of work. I legitimately enjoyed my extra-curricular activities, art plus chorus, plus attending the school performances for the band plus drama club was always fun. The supperes definitely left something to be desired, but they weren’t inedible. All of that aside, there was one thing about my school I certainly hated, plus that was the temperature within the classrooms. One of my teachers explained to me that the school’s entire Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system was controlled off-site, so no one in the school could certainly adjust the heating or cooling within the classrooms. Often times the air conditioning system was left running well into the colder part of Autumn, plus us students would need to wear overcoats in the classroom, then for a short period of time in winter the furnace would be running, heating up the classrooms, but once the weather started to hot up outside it was turned off, despite it still being chilly. And then, near the end of the school year as summer time approached, the air conditioning system was left off despite the rising heat, leaving whatever breeze could be gained through open windows or electric fans as our only relief. The school would have been nearly perfect if only it had had Heating, Ventilation plus A/C zone control on-site so that the teachers could all adjust the temperature in their classrooms as needed.

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