Air conditioned attractions

Despite the weather outside, the indoor attractions reMEd at a comfortable temperature

When I was a kid, my family would take small holidays over the school breaks, then most of the time these holidays were to amusement park destinations, & I loved them! Nothing else can compare to the feeling of excitement you get when going up the steep incline of a roller coaster, or the rush you get when going downhill, then we’d always wake up early to go to the park before it opened, so my friend and I would be some of the first people in the park, & stay out until it was almost time for everything to close. We were able to get a lot done in the afternoon by doing this, however it was a lot of time spent on our feet out in the heat, but some mornings when this took more of a toll on us than usual, we’d go & watch the shows more than 2 times just so my friend and I could have a seat. It was even better when the shows were inside & had air conditioner. We’d also redo the rides that were indoor attractions so that we’d be in the air conditioner while waiting in line. The cool air from the a/c was a huge relief & helped us to make it through the afternoon at the park. When my friend and I visited over the winter season chop from school, these rides were equally superb for the heating they provided when the a/c was switched over to a heater. Despite the weather outside, the indoor attractions reMEd at a comfortable temperature. At some point in my life I’d like to go & visit one of the amusement parks that are completely indoors. They’re an amazing idea for the convenience & comfort of the guests.