Window mounted AC

Every summer time my kid complaints about the heat in her room, even though it’s cooled to the same temperature as the rest of the apartment with the air conditioner from her vents, so last summer time my friend and I decided to get an AC unit to put in her window; You see, my friend and I don’t have Heating & Air Conditioning zone control so simply let him adjust the temperature control within her own room, & this was a better alternative than paying to upgrade our entire Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.

And so I installed the AC unit in her window & instructed him about how it worked.

There were a couple rules she had to follow to use it, & she agreed to all of them, however rule number one was that the a/c was not to be left on when she wasn’t in the room, needlessly running up our electricity bill. Rule number two was that it was never allowed to be set below 76 degrees for a similar reason, lastly, rule number three was that she was responsible for rinsing the filter out every other week to ensure dirt & grime weren’t clogging it up & ruining the unit. I assumed I would have to get onto him a couple times about following the rules however she surprisingly surpassed my expectations. She remember to turn the a/c off when she left her room, she never set the AC’s temperature below 76, & she rinsed the filter out like she was supposed to without being told. I still don’t see why it should have been necessary, her room was cooled down along with the rest of the apartment with the normal Heating & Air Conditioning system, however I’m proud he’s shown such responsibility with it.