Sick and HVAC

There was a period a couple weeks ago when I was extremely sick.

I would run a temperature of 103 degrees one day only for it to drop down to 96 by nightfall.

This fever and below normal body temperature kept me in a constant state of chills or overheating for nearly a week. I was absolutely miserable. None of the blood work or tests came back with any anomalies so we were at a loss as to what the cause could be, so I simply had to try waiting it out. During that time I was only permitted to try combatting the chills and hot flashes with an electric fan, heating pad, and blankets. I wasn’t allowed to actually adjust the thermostat in the house to alter the temperature control to serve my needs. Our house doesn’t have HVAC zone control so the one HVAC system thermostat setting is what’s in place for the entire house. Everyone else didn’t want to have to put up with my temperature swings, which is understandable, but at the time I absolutely hated that that rule was in place. However even if I was allowed to I wouldn’t have felt well enough to be constantly getting up to switch between the furnace and air conditioner. At least the fan and heating pad helped some during the times I needed them, and my blankets were in a constant state of being pushed off and then pulled back on. It wasn’t until after an emergency room visit where I was given steroids and an antibiotic that the symptoms finally cleared up and I was able to go about life normally again.
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