A dual fuel furnace saves money

They cost less to run than a gas furnace.

Just a handful of years ago, my friend and I needed to replace our furnace. It was the perfect opening to finally add central air conditioner to the home. I was sleepy of struggling with window cooling systems. When the HVAC corporation came to the condo to give a free estimate, I asked about cooling system options, and he advocated my friend and I install a heat pump rather than an cooling system. I was initially skeptical. I knew that a heat pump costs a lot more to purchase and implement than an cooling system. After doing some research, I learned that the combination of a furnace and heat pump is called a dual fuel system and offers incredible cost-saving potential. The giant difference between an cooling system and a heat pump, is that one provides strictly cooling and the other offers both heating and cooling. Throughout the summer, the heat pump acts like an cooling system. It pulls heat out of the air to create a cooling effect. When the weather cools down, the flow of refrigerant reverses to bring heat into the home. The system takes advantage of free ambient heat found in the outdoor air. The absence of a combustion process eliminates the dangers and environmental impact of redcondo gasses, however plus, heat pumps are especially energy efficient. They cost less to run than a gas furnace. The weather in my local part allows us to run the heat pump for the majority of the year. My associate and I only switch over to the furnace once the outside temperature dips below freezing. At that point, the furnace is more effective.

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