Random portable air conditioner gift from Grandpa

My grandfather is one of the greatest people to ever live.

He is very thoughtful and always wants to have you prepared for the worst.

He will specifically tell you what you need in life for “the moment something happens.” I don’t really know what that means but I’m sure there are plenty of moments in my life that I wasn’t prepared for but got through them anyways. Also during special occasions, like the holidays or my birthday, his gift fits that personality. If he thinks there is something that I might need at a possible pressing time. That would be the gift he gets you and at times, would spend a few hundred dollars to make sure that I have it. My birthday just passed and it was a fairly big box and when I opened it, there was a portable air conditioner unit. He said just in case your HVAC system goes down and you can’t get a cooling expert to your house fast enough. I understand the weather where we live during the summer can be pretty brutal so this is an amazing gift but I know I get my HVAC system serviced every 5-6 months so I’m fairly positive something will never break. I also make sure that the central air conditioning in my home is top-notch because I fear the day it does break. Still, it’s a great gift and maybe not so random but I rather have concert tickets or a gift card to the local sub shop which I love more than anything.



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